• Author:Zhang Guanglei / Cai Xiaoxia  Date:2021-01-27
    The doctrine of forum non conveniens (an inconvenient forum) means a court that has accepted a foreign-related case believes that a court in another jurisdiction is more convenient to adjudicate the case, and thus waives its jurisdiction over the case.
  • Author:Shen Minquan / Gu Lingni  Date:2020-12-07
    it is essential for the employer to have a good understanding of, and avoid, the black spots in changing the employment contract by consultation.
  • Author:Zhang Guanglei / Chen cheng  Date:2020-12-04
    the authors believe that it is still possible for courts to require notarisation and legalization of all extraterritorial evidence, regardless of the type of evidence.
  • Author:Zhang Guanglei / Chen cheng  Date:2020-12-03
    Accordingly, there are relatively few adjudication rules for such issues, which the author argues deserve attention.
  • Author:Tracy Liu  Date:2020-12-02
    In this article, based on possible misunderstandings in practice, the author, based on representational experience in labour dispute cases, shares some practical suggestions on evidence selection and preparation by employers.
  • Author:Junlin Bai  Date:2020-11-27
    Special Purpose Acquisition Companies are public company investment vehicles, also known as “blank check” or “shell companies”.
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